About Us

Spy Plus provides high quality, confidential services to individuals with serious concerns in need of immediate solutions. Our team of highly trained experts draw on extensive professional experience to provide our clients with efficient means of meeting their needs. From investigative services, to custom designed products and the latest high-tech gadgets, Spy Plus, meets every client's needs.

Spy Plus specializes in spy equipment such as GPS Trackers, Video Cameras, Secure Cellular Phones, DVR, Night Vision, Video Cameras, Private Investigation, Bug Sweeps, Voice Recorders, Counter-Surveillance, and Audio Surveillance.

Do you think your being spied on? If the answer isyes! Spy Plus has a vast array of counter-surveillance options that can help you track down unwanted GPS trackers, video cameras, and audio surveillance. If you don't want to or you don't have the time to find out yourself, Spy Plus can perform bug sweeps of your home, office or vehicle.
Our counter-surveillance team uses the most advanced bug detectors to ensure your environment is free of intrusion.

Our clients range from concerned parents seeking protection for their children, business owners in need of protecting valuable information, Private Investigators in search of customized equipment built to their specifications, to law enforcement & governmental agencies seeking hi-tech solutions to meet their needs. We offer an extensive inventory of the art surveillance and counter surveillance equipment, including high-tech fully customized video security systems, Digital Video Motion Recording systems (DVMRs) to Nanny Cams, long play telephone recording units and an extensive array of personal protection products.

Bug Detection Sweeps - Electronic Debugging is becoming an important tool for any professional business or competitive organization.

For an example: Your competitors are interested in your business strategies and developments and in some instances employ unlawful tactics to obtain this information With advances in modern technology, it is now inexpensive to purchase bugs and listening devices. With micro technology the size of this equipment has now made it easy to conceal and difficult to locate.

That's why Electronic Bug Detection is now so important, even if you are unsure for certain, or have that gut feeling,
we strongly recommend that you have the building or area swept for listening devices, to provide you with peace of mind.

Our Agents are well versed in searching for bugs & listening devices, we have the latest technology, which greatly helps us locate these devices.

Our team of Professional Countermeasure Specialists have conducted effective sweeps for hundreds of companies & individuals across the country and around the world.

SPY PLUS and Our Professional Team receives consistently outstanding customer satisfaction ratings.

We provide personal, one on one attention, understanding that each clients needs are unique and require individually tailored solutions.

Our core values are credibility, expertise, and personalized client care.

We strive to deliver the highest level of service to each and every client.